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Let your visitors become fully acquainted with your menu.

Add suggestions, encouraging your visitors to try or learn about something new from your restaurant , your clothes shop or your Industrial Supply Company  .

Immediate service

Just contact us and our technical team will serve you 

Professionalism - reliability

Our many years of experience in digitization guarantees excellent results and great profits. 

We undertake the creation of a digital catalog

We do all the work for you. Our graphic design department guarantees perfection.

At the best prices

We stand by you and offer you a choice among the most competitive packages on the market!

About us

What is the qrlist.gr ?


Do you want to move your business to the digital age?

The qrlist.gr is here to provide a solution to your every need. Leave in the past the endless, difficult to use, very expensive and non-ecological forms. Enter a new era of convenience, simplicity, low cost and ecology taking advantage of the incredible possibilities of QR codes. Digitize any form from your business card or document to your business product catalog. Trust the pioneers and among the most experienced professionals in the market.

Just apply , we will take care of the rest!

Our services

What we offer

Appropriate answers to your problems

The team of qrlist.gr is here to guide you to the best solution. Consisting among others with members fully aware of the Greek market and not only guarantees the best solution.

Professional Digitization

The technical department of qrlist.gr with long experience in the field of informatics and graphic design undertakes to run whatever is requested!

Graphic design solutions

Having one of the best graphic design teams we are able to take on the whole graphic design part as well as the print part of the QRcodes.

IT issues

The professionals who deal with the IT part in the team of qrlist.gr are carefully selected in order to offer solutions for EVERYTHING. With long experience in building websites and cloud applications, they guarantee the best result.

They said...

What did our customers say?
Ψηφιοποίησα τον κατάλογο του καταστήματος . Εξαιρετικοί επαγγελματίες !

Κωνσταντινίδης Γ.

Οι πελάτες μου βλέπουν ανά πάσα στιγμή τον κατάλογο με τους χιλιάδες κωδικούς προϊόντων!

Ιωαννίτης Ν.




 150/ for 1 year

Hosting 1 price list or form 



Premium Πακέτο

250/ for 1 year

Hosting 1 price list or form


List changes

Create a complete digital directory

Printing of 1 QR-code

Basic Technical Support


400/ για 2 έτη €

Hosting 1 price list or form


Unlimited directory changes

Create a complete digital directory

Printing of 50 QR-code

Full technical support